Faculty of Open and Distance Learning Education

UGC Approved Distance University Chhattisgarh

Education determines the quality of our life to a great measure, especially professional life. However, for many, in some circumstances, the path to education is ridden with many obstacles, including location, geographical inflexibility and lack of time. Fortunately, distance education is changing that scenario by providing an effective alternative platform to learn new skills and acquire a degree, such as distance education MBA, without having to attend traditional classes.

We, a UGC approved distance university, offer various undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, along with a number of diplomas, which havebenefitted many distance learners.

Our distance learning programmes are the shining light that many have been looking for; they unite conventional teaching approaches, including course materials in the form of books, and modern teaching methodologies, which include online access to the course. Our unique approach has made us the centre of distance education in Chhattisgarh, helping scores of professionals to obtain a degree and fly high in their careers.

With our distance learning programmes, we are bringing people into the fold of skilled workforce, which has changed the life of many.

What makes us a distinguished Chhattisgarh distance education university?

  • Reaching various far-flung regions of the state through information technology
  • Providing professional education, need- and knowledge-based
  • Setting new national standards in distance education