Title of the Practice - "Empowerment of Socio Economically Disadvantaged SC/ST/OBC Students"

1.Objectives of the practice

 To provide an atmosphere where all the SC/ST students will have connect with the main stream of higher education, in the well equipped way with all the necessary academic and non academic facilities to promote holistic growth in the students. Also provide the facility where we will bring them into the social equality, making them aware of the laws, rights, and available opportunities for them.
 To Enhancing the capabilities to develop personality, communication skills and to solve basic educational problems of SC/ST students, by which, when they will leave the University with their degrees and the confidence to enter professional world, they can face all the challenges.
 To make them self-dependent by providing skill knowledge and special training to the SC/ST students and also motivating them for employment-self-employment.
 To enhancing the capability of sporting talent of SC/ST students and then prepare them for national and international competition.
 To encouraging the SC/ST students, about preserving and promoting folk art, handicrafts, culture, tradition and traditional knowledge.
 To provide an offers to its student financial aid to make education more accessible and inclusive for students of all sections.
 To provide an facility that is instrumental in training and guiding the students for the best career prospects and given counselling in the aspects of interview skills, soft skills, communication skills, etc. from which this policy envisions making the students “work ready” as soon as they leave the campus.


Chhattisgarh, the 26th State of India, was carved out of Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 2000. Kargi Road, Kota, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh is predominantly a tribal scheduled area of the district. In this area, the access to higher education which is measured in terms of the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), was very low. ( i.e)And also, there was the problem of dropout after high school education.
To overcome the problem of dropout and low GER, Dr. C.V. Raman University was established, in this backward tribal & scheduled area. University has been continuously running the various contact programs, education fairs and continuous awareness tours for awareness in remote rural areas and forest areas. And after which the gross enrolment ratio in higher education of SC and ST students of this area is increased.
The admitted students of this class in the university were economically backward and they also had communication problem problems. To overcome with this problem, the university established a Language Lab and provided to all the SC/ST students to personality development and communication English classes of free of cost.
To provide Equality among all the students of the university, there was implemented the Dress code and making discipline. Special efforts were made for sports, folk art culture and moral development of the students. Dress code to be implement in the university to provide them equally among all the students & also to make them discipline as well.
For The overall development of special category students by connecting them to the mainstream of higher education was a challenging goal, which was accomplished by the university through various events.

3.The Practice

 To increase the GER of SC/ST students in higher education, through the various CVRU- awareness educational programs.
 CVRU has been continuously organizing organized various educational awareness programs, various contact programs, and Jagrukta Yatra program through its community radio (Radio Raman), which is really unique. initiative .
 With the collaboration of Chhattisgarh Science Center Bilaspur, and Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology Raipur, CVRU has organized "Mobile Science Lab Science Awareness Programme" continuously in scheduled areas since 2018. Science awareness journey from Mobile Science Lab is also a special unique program.
 With the aim of connecting the talents of the tribal areas with higher education and making them aware of the modern competitive examination system, the Talent Search Examination - has been organized continuously since 2010.Dr. C.V. Raman university is organizing talent search examination for school students since 2010 with the aim of connecting the talents of tribal arts with higher art of them aware of modern competitive examination system.
 The effort to connect school level students and make them aware of the competitive examination system through Talent search examination is unique initiative.  various Skill development, Science subject classes and employment-oriented training program were organized under the special government scheme-project in collaboration with the state government for the SC/ST students.
 Organizing teaching-training/ learning of special category students in association with the state government is unique.
 University has made the Special efforts to the SC/ ST Students for their language proficiency, personality development and development of their communication skills.
 From 2014, to preparation for competitive examinations of central/State government and other recruitment board examinations, there are free coaching classes has been organized by the University, for the SC/ST students, in the association with local reputed coaching centers and through CVRU-Radio Raman 90.4.Efforts to organize the preparation for the competitive and competitive exams through radio in backward tribal areas are unique.
 in association with the state government and the parent organization AISECT, CVRU has established a center for the skill in the campus, through which, we conduct, Central government's skill development training program were conducted in the campus to bring awareness about the, the skill development journey.
 The effort to provide skill training by setting up Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra for the SC/ST/OBC students in the university campus is unique.
The center of excellence provided a platform to the traditional art talent of tribal students through events like Raman Folk Art Festival and Vishwarang. Organizing the folk art festival at the national and international level and the work of conservation and promotion of folk art, handicraft, folk tradition and tribal culture is unique.

4.Evidence of Success

The following important efforts were made to empower the SC/ ST Student :-
 Contact programme, Jagrukta yatra and education fair.
 I.T. Yatra
 Skill Development Tour.
 Awareness through “Radio Raman 90.4”.
 Pustak Yatra.
 Mobile Science Lab Science Awareness Program.
 Talent search exam.
 Computer training was provided to SC and ST students studying in 100 government colleges of the state.
 Free classes for communication skills and personality development by establishing Language Lab in 2012 for language development and communication skills.
 To develop the personality of the students through various events.
 Organized a motivational Speech on the topic of Yuwa Bharat - 2013, motivational speech by speaker Sanjay Joshi.
 Lecture on the personal and professional subject of the students: 05 April 2017 Renowned speaker of the country Prof. by Punam Batra
 Inspirational speech by Mukul Kanitkar - 2017.
 Personality development through NCC and NSS. Organizing national level camps of NCC and NSS and personality development through special training camps.
 Free coaching for various competitive exams in association with Radio Raman 90.4 and reputed coaching centers of Bilaspur.
 Skill development journey every year since 2012 to bring awareness to skill development and technology.
 Organized skill development upgradation program in 2017.
 Deendayal Upadhyay Skill Center was established in the university campus, which was declared as resource center of the state by the state government.
 Establishment of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra - 2017 in association with the parent institution in the university campus.
 Special self-employment training to the students through the Department of Rural Development in the university.
 Promotion of sportspersons from sports personalities and continuous organization of sports competitions.
 Organization of university level annual sports competitions
 Organization of Inter University Cricket Tournament 2012.
 Kapil Dev ji's arrival at the university in February - 2017.
 Arrival of International Archery player Shri Dev Rajan, ji at the University
 East Zone Inter University Kabaddi (M) Champion Sheep 2017-18.
 University's Kabaddi team became East Zone champion and went to Bhubaneswar to play All India.
 East Zone Inter University Kabaddi (M) Champion Sheep 2021-22.
 University's Kabaddi team became East Zone Runner and went to Rohtak to play All India and got Bronze medal in Khelo India.
 Three tribal girls from the university reached the national level in Archery.
 The following efforts were made for the protection and promotion of folk art and culture of the students belonging to scheduled castes and tribes in the university.
 Establishment of Chhattisgarhi Research and Creation Chair.
 Establishment of Center of Excellence for Chhattisgarhi Folk Art and Culture.
 Continuous organization of three-day national level Raman Folk Art Festival in 2019.
 Establishment of Chhattisgarhi Sanjohi.
 Documentation of traditional medicinal knowledge of Baiga tribal

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1.Objectives of the practice

 To make students, teachers, employees and society aware of skill training.
 In collaboration with central and state governments, "CVRU-NSDC" academies were set up in 2012 for skill development of students, employees and youth in various fields. To do skill development work.
 Contribute to achieving the goal set by the Government of India by becoming a partner in Skill India, Digital India Mission, Self-reliant India.
 UGC approved "Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Kaushal Kendra (DDUKK" and in association with its sponsoring institution set up at the "Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK)" campus. To connect the students as well as the youth studying in higher education of the state with skill development.
 To renew the courses of the university's programs and add courses of skill development and to make students and youth skilled and orient them towards employment-self-employment and make them self-reliant.
 Personality development of students and youth by continuous skill development, communication skill development as well as preparing students for employment-self-employment.
 To develop the work efficiency of teachers, employees and officers by continuously developing them and mastering modern technical skills with the aim of enhancing the quality of education.
 To accelerate the work of skill development by entering into contracts with various industry institutions.
 To make students/youth and women self-reliant by training them in herbal products/food processing/value addition in the field of rural technology.
 To develop and develop the traditional knowledge, reading, writing, cultural knowledge and art skills of students and professors and employees.


The sponsoring body of Dr. C. V. Raman University, AISECT has been the leading institution of the country working in the field of skill development and national skill development for the last 30 years. It is also the largest partner institution of the Corporation (NSDC). Inspired by this, the work of skill development is being carried out continuously by the University from the date of establishment. After the establishment, a great work has been done to train the youth of the state in information technology in collaboration with the state government.

In 2012, the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) was established to create awareness among the students by taking out information technology and skill development tours across the state. By signing a contract with NSDC, "CVRU – NSDC Skill" Academy is set up and many courses of skill development in various trades will be conducted to train motivated youth. was done. In association with the University Grants Commission, the first DDUKK of the state was set up in the university campus and skill development of higher education students from all over the state was done. Continuous training of language skills and communication skills is being carried out by establishing language labs for the development of language skills of students. Skill -training in areas tailored to all students according to their theme by adding a part of skill development to the courses of all the programs conducted in the University it is being given.

All elements of a forecast area collective judgment maybe higher than we assumed all things being equal though all things may not necessarily be equal.

The conduct of training programme of more than 10000 youth in association with the State Government is unique. Youth have been motivated to take out continuous IT Yatra, Kaushal Vikas Yatra, Kaushal Vikas Yatra, throughout the state in association with its sponsoring organization and 2017 A meaningful effort was made to connect the students of different sections of the state with skill development by organizing a program of skill development.

6. By adding skill development courses according to the curriculum of the programs conducted in the university, all the CVRU students will be skilled in their area, organize employment fairs, employment The work of orienting towards self-employment is going on continuously.
8. In order to increase the academic skills, work skills of the teachers, employees and officers of the university, the university organizes a workshop, workshop, webinar.
9. By contracting with various industries, industrial training of the students is provided and their work skills are continuously increased and they are prepared according to the needs of the industries.

The important efforts made by the University for the skill development of students, staff, teachers and society are as follows :
1.Skill and ICT Awareness Programmes and Visits
A.IT travel has been continuous since 2008
B.Kaushal Vikas Yatra - Continuous since 2012
C.Skill upgradation & Training programme
2 In collaboration with the State Government, ICT training was imparted to the students studying in 100 government colleges of the state in the year 2007-08 and 2008-09 They were made skilled for employment and self-employment.
3. In the year 2012, various skill development certificate diploma programs are being conducted by establishing CVRU-NSDC Academy in contract with NSDC.
4. In the year 2016, kaushal development training was promoted by setting up the first DDUKK center of the state provided by the University Grants Commission. The DDUKK established in the university was declared a resource centre of the state by the state government.
5. In the year 2017, in association with its parent organization AISECT, NSDC and PMKK Center were established in the university campus, in which not only the students of the university but also the hope. More than 25 students from nearby areas have been motivated to get skill training and employment-self-employment.
6. By adding skill development courses to all the courses of the University , the work of training all the students in their respective disciplines is being done continuously.
7. In the session 2012, language lab is being set up and training of language skills, communication skills of students is being provided.
8. Personality skills are being developed through various events. CVRU-NSDC-Skill Academy, DDUKK & PMKK district's only DDUKK and PMKK university campus established Language Lab and Personality Development skill Classes for Students

3.The Practice

CVRU’s Initiatives for Skill Development :
Since inception, CVRU focuses on over all development of students, through industrial exposure and vocational education/skill development embedded curriculum relevant to fulfil the growing need in Chhattisgarh for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills.
The sponsoring body of the University All India Society for Electronics & Computer Technology (AISECT), established in 1985 and is today’s one of the India’s most reputed Social Enterprise that is working in the areas of Skill Development, Higher Education, Financial Inclusion, e-Governance, and other ICT-based services to bring about an inclusive change in the semi-urban and rural areas of the country. AISECT is leading national partner of National Skill Development Corporation under ministry of skill development & entrepreneurship, Govt. of India since May 2012 and stands committed to the Skill India Mission.

The Academy was set up as part of a national skill development mission to fulfil the growing need in Chhattisgarh for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills.

Mission Statement

 Upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance
 Enhance, support and coordinate departments initiatives for skill development through appropriate models.
 Focus on underprivileged sections of society and backward regions of the state thereby enabling a move out of poverty; similarly, focus significantly on the unorganized or informal sector workforce.

Under the umbrella of Center of Excellence for Skill Development and Industrial Consultancy, CVRU initiatives of Skill Development is conducted under four sub-centers :

1. CVRU-NSDC Academy For Skill Development

Short Term Certificate Courses compliant with NSQF courses.

2. Deendayal Upadhyay Kaushal Kendra

Vocational Education under M.Voc., B.Voc., Diploma, Advanced Diploma.

3. AISECT Pradhanmantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK)

Flagship model Skill Development Centre of NSDC.

4. AISECT Skill Development Centre

To impart NSQF certificate courses other than PMKK’s Job roles.

1. CVRU-NSDC Academy For Skill Development :

 CVRU is the First University of Chhattisgarh who joined hands with NSDC as a supporting university under AISECT-NSDC partnership.
 CVRU is the First University of Chhattisgarh who established CVRU-NSDC Academy for Skill Development on 5th Sep. 2012 on the occasion of teacher’s day.
 The main objective of CVRU-NSDC Academy for Skill Development, to design and conduct the various job-oriented skill development courses for the skill development training of students of CVRU and also to give benefits to the students of unorganised areas.

4. Evidence of Success

up-skilling of students by PMKK & DDUKK & upskilling of women in remote rural areas, by Department of Rural Technology, Herbal Gulal and Raman Green by establishing self-employment after training of students and women of self-help groups and youth of Godgram
Problems Encountered:

1. Skill Gap Analysis :

It is required to find the exact skill requirements from the industries and employers. Analysis of such surveys would help in designing course structures of the training programs and thus standardized course curriculum or training delivery systems can be developed. In present scenario there is no such systematic and regular surveys are defined by any government body neither by the state government nor by the central government.

2. Disinterest of Industries :

Any model to be successful needs a lot of support from different stakeholders. Since there is limited buy-in from the corporate sector, the progress of skill initiatives is slow.

3. Mobilisation :

The outlook of people associated with skill development is still very traditional. The enrolment of the students for vocational education and training has become an extremely challenging task.

4. Retention of trainees :

Retention of trainees during course period is a huge challenge. Various extra curricular activities should be organize to connect trainees with the university. Time to time parents counselling should also be organize.

5. Resources required :

University has almost all the resources and resource persons for Skill development and also has almost all required affiliation and approvals of respective regulatory bodies.

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