Vanmali Srijan Peeth, inspired by the writing journey of Vanmali ji, moves towards encouraging litterateurs. Along with the cities, the creators of rural and tribal areas should get a better platform. The distance between the creator and the reader should be reduced by one. Along with the creation process, there should be an exchange of ideas through discussions on books. There should be frequent discussions between senior and emerging writers on fiction, novels and criticism. Avenues for new creations should be opened in literature, be it science fiction or literature for children. Creations, creators, and reader gatherings continued to happen.

Vanmali National Awards

Vanmali Srijan Peeth has been honoring writers for the expansion of Hindi and Indian languages ​​with the prestigious Vanmali National Awards for the last thirty years. Among these Vanmali Kathashirsh Samman, Vanmali National Katha Samman, Vanmali Pravasi Bhartiya Katha Samman, Vanmali Vigyan Katha Samman, Vanmali Madhya Pradesh Katha Samman, Vanmali Yuva Katha Samman, Vanmali Katha Criticism Samman, Vanmali Literary Journalism Samman are decorated.