Learner Support Division

Dr. C. V. Raman University Institute of Open and Distance Education has a fully-fledged Learner Support Division (LSD) to provide guidance and help to its students. Necessary information is passed on to the registered student through modern means of communication such as SMS, website, and e-mail. For the convenience of learners, a computer, photocopy machine, internet, WIFI facilities, etc. have also been provided. The learner support division has a web centre, and learners can seek clarifications regarding problems by sending a message to 8827920016. Bulk SMS are sent to learners regarding their registration details, dispatch of study, material timetable for contact class, submission of examination forms, examination schedule, etc. from time to time. Important information and necessary material are also sent through e-mail and regular mail. The website of Dr. C.V. Raman University, www.cvru.ac.in, also provides information about various programmemes being offered by the institute of open and distance education, including the syllabus, assignments, programme guide, guidelines for project reports, faculty details, study materials, academic calendar, admission process, exam-related information, and other important information. For assisting the learners, a help desk (07753253872, 07753253851, 8359050061, Email ID: cvrussd@gmail.com) has been established.

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