Rich environment for research and teaching

Offers one UG programme, two PG programmes, and a doctoral programme

Offers training programmes to prospective teachers at the Bachelor’s, postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels

Provide an academically conducive environment

Prepare teachers to respond to global social demands


The Faculty of Education at Dr. C. V. Raman University has pioneered advanced-level teacher training and sports training programmes in Kota and Bilaspur since its inception. The Faculty has been evolving and growing according to the social and technological changes in society in general and the educational environment and sports in particular. To address the ever-emerging issues and problems of teacher education and sports education. To discover remedial measures and to promote research and innovation in the fields of teacher education and sports education. To promote gender equality awareness among teachers


Our vision is to promote excellence in teaching through sharing knowledge and building best practices and in the process grow together as professional Educators, keeping in view, the national and Global Needs to Produce Effective Prospective Teachers, and researchers in the fields of teacher education and sports education.


To Achieve Excellence in the Field of Teacher and sports Education through Empowering Prospective Teachers and Developing their Competencies in the Areas of teaching, sports training Manage, School management Content, Pedagogy, and Research in the Field of teacher education and sports Education

Key Highlights

Seminars, Workshops, FDP,Guest Lectures
More than 50 Awards in the field of research, Education and Sports
More than 200 Students Participated in National Level Sports
More than 200 papers in UGC Care Listed, Intl. and National Research journals
Various Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Activities


At the Department of Education, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach that fosters a comprehensive and well-rounded education for our students. Our curriculum prioritises student-centred instruction and experiential learning, empowering future educators with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in diverse educational settings.
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The department accomplishes its mission by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that ensures a well-rounded education.
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Dr CV Raman University signed MOUs with Universities, Institute, Centers like logistics Sector Skill council,Nature Science foundation, etc.