Shri Santosh Choubey
  CVRU Chhattisgarh has changed the way higher education is perceived by making way for skill development and training in the quarters of higher education. 
From the Registrar's Desk

With its primary objective to evolve a generation of young students into a cadre of highly-skilled technical and managerial professionals with deep academic insights and a strong sense of professional ethics and values, CVRU Chhattisgarh stands proud as a leader in the academic corridors in the region.

The university offers a serene and salubrious environment, conducive to academic excellence and developing professional acumen. The university stands as an abode of knowledge that grooms young minds and raw talent.

The university provides a blend of quality coupled with the ecstasy of joy. It plays a major role in shaping the character and the mental capacity of the young students, and develops innovative and entrepreneurial skills. Apart from strengthening the academic foundations, the university encourages the students to take up other interests as well like arts, sports and other co-curricular activities, to ensure a holistic and overall development of the students. The university provides numerous opportunities to showcase their talent at various levels.

Keeping the national interests in mind, the university has initiated successful marches for government schemes and projects like Skill India and Digital India. The students are given the right exposure and experience through seminars, internships, workshops and continuous interaction in terms of projects.

I welcome all the students and aspiring youngsters to join us to grow a new harvest of professionals, capable enough to change the market tides in India’s side.

Mr.Gaurav Shukla