S.No.Name of the TeacherPatent NumberTitle of the patentYear
1Dr. Sangeeta Singh202221074714 ASmart Online Library Management System Using Ai Techniques2023
2Dr. Saurabh Mitra & Dr. Jayati Chhatterjee Mitra202221077259Future Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence Enabled Internet Of Things In Finance And Economic Industry, Agriculture Innovation And Food Industry2023
3Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav202311001648A System For Automatic Watering System For Indoor Plants Based On Cloud, Ml & Iot2023
4Dr Manish Upadhyay202221011378Fluid Catalytic Cracking (Fcc) Method Formanufacturing Propylene And Ethylene2022
5Dr Manish Upadhyay202241007317Extraction Of Bioactive Compounds From Plant Material2022
6Dr. Rahul Sharma, Dr. Archana Agrawal, Dr. Vivek Bajpai202241024078The Mediating Role Of Security-Reliability-Communication And Support Of Digital Banking Relationship Among Ease Of Use-Content And Digital Banking Customer Satisfaction And Banking Performance2022
7Dr. Archana Agrawal, Dr. Vivek Bajpai202241035682Machine Learning Structural Equation Modelling Algorithm On The Ict Impact On Higher Education Using R-Programming2022
8Dr. Archana Agrawal, Dr. Vivek Bajpai202241025378The Mediating Effect Of Enrepreneurial Satisfaction In Between Financial Inclusion And Entrepreneurial Performance2022
9Dr. Archana Agrawal, Dr. Vivek Bajpai202241029668The Mediating Effect Of Employee Engegement- Employee Job Satisfaction-Organizational Climate And In Relationship Between Hrd Practices And Employee Job Performance2022
10Dr. Niket Shukla, Ms. Priyanka Bose, Dr. Priyank Mishra, Dr. Preeti Shukla, Dr. Indu Santosh, Dr. Rahul Sharma, Dr. Archana Agrawal, Dr. Vivek Bajpai202241026832The Mediating Role Of Logistics Information Technology And Logistics Integration In Between Logistics Operations And Organizational-Customer Focused Performance2022
11Dr. Niket Shukla202241032044Green Finance Awareness As A Mediator In Relationship Between Green Finance Strategies And Industrial-Environment Sustainabiliity2022
12Dr. Niket Shukla, Dr. J. K. Patel, Dr. Anupam Tiwari202241035068Mediating Effect Of Customer Satisfaction On The Relationship Between Service Quality And Customer Loyalty In Automobile Industry Servqual Model2022
13Dr. Priyank Mishra202211040127 ADeep Learning Based Public Policy Model For Smart Governance2022
14Dr.Shikha Singh202221048026Iot Based Patient Monitoring System Using Sensor To Detect Analyse And Monitor Two Primary Vital Signs2022
15Akanksha Awasthi202211013168Artificial Intelligence To Improve Securit In Indian Banking Sector2022
16Dr. Saurabh Mitra20211057168 AThe Cropwat Securit Model For Comuting The Crop Water Management2022
17Dr.Ritesh Mishra202221037148 AA System For Mediating Effects Of Organizational Communication Styles In Improving The Organizational Productivity2022
18Dr.Ritesh Mishra202221050396 AEffect Of Training And Development Program For Enhancing The Performance Of The Employee In An Organisation2022
19Dr.Ritesh Mishra202211053819 AMediating Effect Of E-Leadership In Improving Employee Productivity And Motivation2022
20Dr.Ritesh Mishra.202221042185 ASocial Media Entrepreneurship As A Tool For National Development2022
21Ayush Kumar Agrawal202241049160Artificial Intelligence Based Management Of Smart Production System For
22Ayaz Ahmed Faridi202241050147Design Web Server To Client Communication For Web Usage Data Analysis2022
23Ayaz Ahmed Faridi202241059056Deep Learning Based Approach To Analyse The Listening Comprehension Problems By Students And Strategies Used By Intermediate Leaners Of English As A Foreign Language (Efl)2022
24Dr. Jaiendra Kumar Patel202241032847Tourism Destinationa Development In A Post Covid - 19 Era Sustanable Strategies For Destination Recovery2022
25Dr. Shweta Sao202211032152Robotic Technology Based Drug Delivery Of Medicinal Moleculkes To The Plants That Are Attracted By Bacterial Crop Diseases2022
26Dr. A.K.Thakur2022-21022529Effect Of B-Site Disorder On The Ferro Electric Properties Of Bztceramics2022
27Dr. Shantanu Bhaumik2021-21054087Method And System For Seamless Construction Of Passive Solar Water Heater2022
28Mr. Aayush Vaishnaw,Mr. Arvind Kumar ,Mr. Roshan Sonwani202221031137ADesign And Synthesized Of Novel Anti Inflammatory And Antioxidant2022
29Dr. Saket Singh Chandel2021104540Sustained Release Liposomal Delivery Of Hydroxyurea In Cancer Treatment In Vitro.2022
30Prof.(Dr) Saket Singh Chandel2021104416Device For Measuring Severity Estimation In Muscular Atrophy & Inflammation Of Muscles.2022
31Dr Ratnesh Tiwari, Mr Vikas Mishra, Dr Ashutosh Pandey2021104320A Nano-Phosphor Chemical Composition And A Method For The Nano-Phosphor Synthesis2022
32Dr Ratnesh Tiwari2021102757A System And Method Of Drone For Crop Monitoring And Surveillance2022
33Dr Ratnesh Tiwari2022/07836A Novel Sustainable Cultivation Method For Ayurvedic Herb Lemongrass2022
34Dr Ratnesh Tiwari, Dr Ajeet Kumar Shrivastava2022/04838Novel Iot Based Indigenious Nanofator Are Than Air Conditioning System2022
35Dr Hiral Raja202221038454An Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Basedautomatic Penalty Device And Its Method Thereof2022
36Shanti Rathore1192102Combining Of Rls Equalizer And Lsm Equalizer In Adaptive Signal With Various Qam Srrc Filter2022
37Dr. Sangeeta Singh, Payal Chakraborty, Dr. Sarita Mishra, Anjanee Saraf202221051857 AA Systematic Approach To Study And Analyze The Human Resources Management In Library Sciences2022
38Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav202211076177An Iot - Based Anti-Theft Mechanism That Keeps An Eye Out For Any Malicious Activity2022
39Kailash Kumar Sahoo202241054380 ASystematic Approach To Study The Various Nanoparticle Formulations That Can Be Delivered Directly To Treat The Cancerous Nodes2022
40Mr. Laxmikant Tiwari201921008522Method And Systems For Two Wheeler Security2021
41Dr. Manish Upadhyay2021141020401An Ai Based System For Glucose Monitoring And Determining Compliance2021
42Dr. S. R. Tandan2021100439Home Automation Based On User Detection Using Internet Of Things2021
43Dr. Rohit Miri2021101582Iot Based Gas Leakage Prevention System2021
44Dr. Shanti Rathore2021100315Cordic Based Qr Decomposition Mimo2021
45Dr. Saurabh Mitra2021105709Convolutional Neural Networks Based Image Compression For High Quality Mutifocus Fused Images2021
46Dr. Jayati Chatterjee2021106339Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis For Assessing Ragi'S Blast Resistance Using Machine Learning Technique2021
47Dr. Saurabh Mitra2021101844Socio Economical Smart Iot Based Traffic Management System2021
48Dr.Hiral Raja2021-21026466System And Method For Object Detection And Object Tracking For Traffic Surveillance2021
49Dr. Anupam Kumar Tiwari2021104673Poly Herbal Green Tea Supplement For Improving Implantation & Fertility2021
50Dr. Saket Singh Chandel2021104540Sustained Release Liposomal Delivery Of Hydroxyurea In Cancer Treatment In Vitro.2021
51Prof.(Dr) Saket Singh Chandel2021104416Device For Measuring Severity Estimation In Muscular Atrophy & Inflammation Of Muscles.2021
52Dr Ratnesh Tiwari, Mr Vikas Mishra, Dr Ashutosh Pandey2021104320A Nano-Phosphor Chemical Composition And A Method For The Nano-Phosphor Synthesis2021
53Nitesh Kumar Sharma2020102101Crime Detection And Prevention System Using Personal And Public Iot Networks2020
54Prof. Dr.Ravi Prakash Dubey2020102450Method For Water Pollutant Concentration Estimation In Water Reservoir Using Laplace Transform2020
55Dr. A.K. Thakur2020102451Green Building Environment Management Module For Real Time Air Quality Monitoring2020
56Nitesh Kumar Sharma2020102100Disease Detection Using Iot And Machine Learning In Rice Corps2020
57Dr. Shanti Rathore2020101564Approximate Vedic Multiplier For Increase In Speed Accuracy And Reduce In Power Area2020
58Dr. Shanti Rathore2020102072To Design Modern Digital Communication System Various Qam Reduce Snr And Ber Using Raised Cosine Filter2020
59Mr. Amit Agrawal201921026120APhase Sequence Detection Device2019
60Mr. Saurabh Mitra201921026118AVoice And Remote-Controlled Home Automation System2019
61Mr. Ravish Gupta201921026123AAutomatic Temperature Based Fan Controlling System2019
62Mr. Ravi Tiwari201921026121ALocomotive Track Monitoring System2019
63Mrs. Jigyasa Maru201921026122AGreen House Management System2019
64Ms. Pallavi Jaiswal201921026138ASystem And Method For Controlling Multi-Media Displays2019
65Mr. Saurabh Mitra201921026145AComputational System2019
66Ms. Rashmi Kashyap201921026141ADenoising System2019
67Mrs. Akanksha Awasthi201921026142AData Loss Prevention System And Method2019
68Dr. Jayati Chatterjee201921026144AMethod For Removing Contaminants From Liquids Using Bio-Separation Technique2019
69Dr. Rashmi Verma201921026140AMethod For Estimating Heavy Metals Contamination In Foodstuffs2019
70Dr. Manish Upadhyay201921026143AMethod For Determination Of Heavy Metals Contaminantion2019
71Dr. Jayati Chatterjee201921026139AMethod For Synthesising Graphene Nano-Platelets2019
72Dr. Milan Hait201921026119AMethod For Estimating Micronutrients2019
73Mr. V. P. Kurmi201921026135AAutonomous Motor Controlling System2019
74Dr. Rohit Miri201921026127ACancer Detection System And Method2019
75Mr. Nitin Shukla201921026129ARisk Assessement Method2019
76Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh201921026130APower Factor Correction System And Method2019
77Mr. Narendra Patel201921026131ASystem And Method Of Analysing Vibration On Mechines2019
78Dr. A.K. Shrivastava201921026132ACognitive Radio System2019
79Dr. C. V. Raman University319208-001Filter Housing For Water Purifier (23-01)2019
80Dr. C. V. Raman University319210-001Public Light Fixture (26-03)2019
81Dr. C. V. Raman University319195-001Liquid Sorting Machine (31-00)2019
82Dr. C. V. Raman University319188-001Adapter (13-03)2019
83Dr. C. V. Raman University319223-001Hand Juicer (07-04)2019
84Dr. C. V. Raman University319203-001Cordless Screw Driver (908-04)2019
85Dr. C. V. Raman University319204-001Water Filter For Aquarium (23-01)2019
86Dr. C. V. Raman University319205-001Fluid Dispensing Bottle (09-01)2019
87Dr. C. V. Raman University319206-001Chain Cover For Vehicle (12-16)2019
88Dr. C. V. Raman University319207-001Light Fixture (26-05)2019
89Dr. C. V. Raman University319209-001Air Pump (15-02)2019
90Dr. C. V. Raman University319211-001Spark Plug Connector(12-16)2019
91Dr. C. V. Raman University319212-001Hydraulic Pipe Cutter (8-03)2019
92Dr. C. V. Raman University319213-001Electric Transducer A(13-99)2019
93Dr. C. V. Raman University319214-001Alternator (13-01)2019
94Dr. C. V. Raman University319194-001Laser For Drilling (08-01)2019
95Dr. C. V. Raman University319196-001Hand Cart For Agriculture (15-03)2019
96Dr. C. V. Raman University319197-001Robotic Arm2019
97Dr. C. V. Raman University319198-001Gear Shifter Knob Of A Vehicle2019
98Dr. C. V. Raman University319189-001Heat Exchanger (23-03)2019
99Dr. C. V. Raman University319190-001Retractable Paint Gun (08-05)2019
100Dr. C. V. Raman University319191-001Mouth Cleaning Appratus (24-0102019
101Dr. C. V. Raman University319192-001Drill Chuck (08-01)2019
102Dr. C. V. Raman University319216-001Jack For Lifting (12-05)2019
103Dr. C. V. Raman University319220-001Device For Cuttingh Paper (18-04)2019
104Dr. C. V. Raman University319221-001Vending Machine (20-01)2019
105Dr. C. V. Raman University319222-001Fuel Burner For Testing (10-0502019
106Dr. C. V. Raman University319217-001Grill For An Automobile (12-16)2019
107Dr. C. V. Raman University319218-001Finger Wearable Forcep (24-02)2019
108Dr. C. V. Raman University319219-001Chimney For Kitchen (7-99)2019
109Dr. C. V. Raman University319233-001Manual Roll Press Machine (15-09)2019
110Dr. C. V. Raman University319224-001Punching Machine For Paper (18-04)2019
111Dr. C. V. Raman University319232-001Air Tool Balancer (15-99)2019
112Dr. C. V. Raman University319225-001Electric Wires Connector (13-03)2019
113Dr. C. V. Raman University319226-001Suspension Assembly (12-16)2019
114Dr. C. V. Raman University319227-001Mincer (07-04)2019
115Dr. C. V. Raman University319228-001Pump Unit (15-04)2019
116Dr. C. V. Raman University319229-001Dispensing Brush (04-03)2019
117Dr. C. V. Raman University319230-001Lubricant Container (09-03)2019
118Dr. C. V. Raman University319231-001Connector For Signal Transmission (13-03)2019
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