BCA or B.Tech?


There is always a demand for IT professionals no matter what the industry is. With the world relying on technology more and more every day, the one field that does not have a dearth of jobs in the field of technology. Technology plays a huge role in the development of a nation.

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is a three-year course that can be done by anyone who is interested in computer science. It is considered to be a strong foundation building course in the field of computer science. A BCA degree helps an individual get employed in several IT job fields like software development, hardware services, and engineering services, and even commercial sectors like telecom and banking.

BCA is a very good alternative to B.Tech. Students are often very interested in computer applications. In such cases, BCA is a very good option for students to be able to pursue their dreams. CVRU Bilaspur offers BCA to create software professionals for the future and contribute to nation-building.

Today, the world cannot be sustained without technology, this is why courses related to computer science are more in demand.

In BCA courses, students get the opportunity to study all the core subjects that B.Tech offers. BCA has some main subjects that are taught including C, Java, Operating Systems, Graphics, Window Programming, Database Management Systems, etc.

At CVRU Bilaspur, the course has some eligibility requirements that a student must fulfill in order to enroll and get selected for the course. The student must pass 10+2 examinations with at least 50% marks, and have physics, chemistry, and mathematics as subjects in their stream. It is an added bonus if the student has computer science as a subject as well, although there is no strict requirement for this. The admission in this course is based on merit and cut off percentage. This is one of the reasons why CVRU Bilaspur is a better university than any BCA college in Raipur.

BCA is further divided into several specializations according to industry needs like

  • 1. BCA Data Analytics
  • 2. BCA IoT (Internet of Things)
  • 3. BCA cloud computing and cybersecurity
  • 4. BCA Game and Mobile Application Development

These are just a few specializations amongst many to make sure that the students excel in their career in whichever field they venture into. The best thing about BCA is that the fee structure is comparatively less than that of B.Tech. One of the main differences between BCA and B.Tech is that B.Tech focuses on computer engineering, while BCA has a focus on the study of computer applications. And while B.Tech is a four-year program, BCA is a three-year undergraduate program.

A student can also pursue a PGDCA course in Raipur from CVRU Bilaspur.

Future Prospects

There is a lot of scope after completing BCA. A student can opt for further studies as well as job opportunities. Some courses to opt for after completion of BCA are as follows:

  • ● Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
  • ● Masters in Computer Management (MCM)
  • ● Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies (PGPCS)
  • ● Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM)
  • ● Information Security Management (ISM)
  • ● Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Some of the common job opportunities include:

  • ● Computer Support Service Specialist.
  • ● Software Developer.
  • ● Computer Systems Analyst.
  • ● Computer Support Service Specialist.
  • ● Computer Scientist.

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