If You Want To Study B.Sc, Then Read This

A Bachelors in Science degree can open up many opportunities in multiple fields for the students. Some of these fields include technology, business and education.

Any student who is interested in pursuing Bachelors in Science or B.Sc can choose from a large number of streams like mathematics, science or technology. Since there are so many options to study from, there is an equally large number of career options for graduates in fields such as healthcare, finance, biology, chemistry, forensic sciences, consulting, engineering, education, and computer programming. A course from any B.Sc college in Raipur will not have the same weightage as doing B.Sc from a reputed university like CVRU Bilaspur.

Due to lack of knowledge, most students do not pick B.Sc as a course to study after graduating from 12th grade. B.Sc has many benefits of its own, although the course is not as widely publicised as the former courses. Students are often reluctant to pursue B.Sc because they are unaware of the career options available, and also because they feel that the course has very little to offer. We hope to shed some light on the various benefits of B.Sc. After all, it is always better to opt for B.Sc from a reputed university like CVRU Bilaspur rather than going for MBBS or engineering from an institution that is not as reputed.

B.Sc is a graduate-level course that includes science-related subjects. Students have the option to choose between a basic B.Sc or B.Sc Hons course. Traditionally, B.Sc courses include PCM, biology, zoology just to name a few.

Here are some of the benefits of studying B.Sc at CVRU Bilaspur

1. Scholarships: Bright students who are opting for B.Sc courses get the chance to receive government-funded scholarships. Expenses for the entire duration of the course are covered by these scholarships. Some of these scholarships go on to include the fees of M.Sc should a student opt to pursue further studies.

2. Research and Development: The best part of pursuing B.Sc is that it offers a high number of employment opportunities in the research and development field. The government is offering such lucrative opportunities to students because there is an urgent need for a stronger research and development sector in India. And since the government is showing such a keen interest in the field, there is no doubt that the student would get employed after finishing their B.Sc graduate degree.

3. Freedom to explore many fields: It is not a necessity for a student to stick to science after graduation. B.Sc students have the flexibility to explore many different fields like management, engineering, law and many others for higher education or for employment.

Employment opportunities for B.Sc graduate students

Some popular areas of employment for B.Sc graduates are. All of these options provide students with attractive salary packages.

  1. ● Educational institutions
  2. ● Hospitals
  3. ● Healthcare services
  4. ● Space research institutes
  5. ● Chemical industries
  6. ● Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  7. ● Forensic crime research
  8. ● Environment conservation
  9. ● Geology
  10. ● Forest services
  11. ● Oil industry
  12. ● Dieticians

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