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Bachelor of Science or B.Sc is an undergraduate course offered by a majority of the universities and colleges in India. It is a three-year course, while it can differ in different countries. It is one of the most popular choices for science students after completing their 12th standard examinations.

This course lays the foundation for students who want to make a career in science. The majority of universities in India offer this course in a variety of science subjects. Some common B.Sc courses that students often choose include B.Sc in Mathematics, B.Sc in Biology, B.Sc in Physics, B.Sc in Chemistry, B.Sc in Computer Science and so on.

A B.Sc course can be pursued in both full time and part-time from any B.Sc college in India. Students can choose between B.Sc and B.Sc Honors. The course is the best choice for students who wish to pursue interdisciplinary science careers in the future.

Who is eligible for pursuing their studies from B.Sc colleges in India?

Any student who wishes to pursue B.Sc has to pass the 12th standard examinations in the science stream with mathematics.

The minimum aggregate score required for eligibility depends upon the university, although it is a must to score at least 50-60%. Some of the key skills that a student should have for pursuing B.Sc include observational skills, analytical skills, research skills, logical skills, scientific skills, experimental skills, problem-solving just to name a few.

The subjects taught will vary depending on the subject you choose. For example, if you choose to do a B.Sc in Chemistry, you’ll get to study subjects such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry.

Similarly, doing a B.Sc in Mathematics will give you the opportunity to study topics such as algebra, matrices, calculus, differential equations and many other fascinating topics.

What kind of career opportunities do you have if you do your graduation in B.Sc?

The kind of job opportunities for B.Sc graduates depends on their major subject. Some of the industries they can opt to work in are educational institutes, pharmaceuticals, the healthcare industry, testing laboratories, research firms, chemical industries, oil and gas industries and the list is endless. Although, it is advisable for a student to complete their M.Sc in the same subject before they seek out employment.

Here are some of the most common positions that a student can look forward to working as.

Scientific Assistant: A professional who would provide complete support to a scientist conducting research.
Research scientists: This individual is responsible for analyzing all the information obtained from laboratory-based research, experiments and investigations.
Quality control manager: This individual is responsible for ensuring that products from a particular company meet quality standards.
Statistician: This person gathers numerical data of a company and compiles it thereby helping the company analyse quantitative data and spot the trends.

You can also opt for higher studies in any field after pursuing B.Sc. Some great options include M.Sc and MBA, both of which would assure you a good future.

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