Rely on Science For A Brighter Tomorrow

Rely On Science For A Brighter Tomorrow

Science is the only constant in the changing environment today. Advancements in science keep the world running at a faster pace. The whole world relies on science, be it for medicine or for technology. Science is the one thing that brings in steady economic growth to the country, which is why having a strong department of science is extremely important for a university to have. CVRU Bilaspur has a state of the art science department with world class facilities, that make it comparable with the best Bsc colleges in Bilaspur.

The facilities and laboratories in CVRU Bilaspur ensure that any student becoming a part of the university goes on to becoming an active part of the workforce. Education in science has a huge responsibility in the building of a nation and its future and CVRU Bilaspur focuses on that. Modern infrastructure combined with the latest technologies make CVRU Bilaspur rank with the top Bsc colleges in Raipur.


The faculty at CVRU Bilaspur consists of highly experienced professionals who are focused on imparting knowledge to each and every student coming to study at the university. The faculty uses a combination of theoretical teaching practices and practical teaching methods as well in order to keep the students engaged. Constant theoretical studies tend to be mundane, and the faculty understands that.

Regular workshops and practical sessions help the students grasp concepts a lot better. This makes thi university stand out from the rest of the Bsc colleges in Raipur. Smart classes and e-learning facilities are used to ensure that each student gets maximum exposure to the world class educational services provided by the university. To ensure that the students understand all aspects of the subject, understanding both practical and theoretical material is important.

The teachers understand that not every student has the same grasping skill, and that is why extra remedial classes are held after regular classes to address the individual doubts and queries that these students may have.
Some subjects that a student can aspire to study under a Bsc degree include:


This is the prime subject of science that involves the study of theorems and other theoretical knowledge. Physics is the mother branch of all computer science and programming. There are several fascinating things one can learn from physics like thermodynamics, quantum physics and astronomy. After doing a Bsc in Physics, one can even go for further education like doing an Msc and an Mphil after that.


The study of algebra, mathematical analysis, geometry, etc is mathematics. This subject is very useful to further a career in computer sciences, finance and medicine just to name a few. One can even go for further studies by doing an Msc after doing Bsc.


Broadly, chemistry is the study of compounds and elements. Chemistry can be further divided into its other branches, like organic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry. One can again go in for further studies upon completion of this course.

Future Prospects:

Upon completion of a Bsc course, a student will be able to get a job in any MNC or they may choose to opt for further studies.

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