Teaching as a Profession

Teaching As A Profession

There is no end to learning. Learning new things is one of the most fascinating aspects of life. This is why teaching is such an important career choice. CVRU Bilaspur recognizes the need for a strong B.Ed course being in place. Education not only provides a person with knowledge, but also helps grow an individual’s personality.

Providing aspiring teachers the right kind of knowledge and training is the focus of CVRU Bilaspur, a factor that makes it stand to be comparable to other best B.Ed colleges in Raipur. Under the B.Ed course, CVRU Bilaspur provides a good combination of traditional teaching and practical learning opportunities for students who wish to become teachers. The university recognizes the fact that teaching has been a popular field for people since decades.

One important fact to be highlighted is that B.Ed is not an undergraduate course. One can pursue the course only after completing their graduation. It is a professional course that is mandatory for anyone who wishes to become a teacher in any educational institution, be it public or private. A B.Ed degree enables one to become a teacher in any class, starting from pre-nursery to senior secondary schools.

Knowledge is something that should be shared, so that more people can have access to it. CVRU Bilaspur aspires to create teachers who not only impart knowledge, but also instill skills like

  1. 1. Modern teaching practices
  2. 2. The learning graph of different students
  3. 3. Organizational skills
  4. 4. Communication skills
  5. 5. Critical thinking and reasoning skills
  6. 6. Problem solving skills

The faculty at CVRU Bilaspur is committed to creating the best quality teaching environment for these aspiring teachers, so that they can share their knowledge in the future with students. This makes B.Ed even more important. The students are trained in both practical and theoretical knowledge.

B.Ed is a two year professional course, with each year having two semesters. The course is designed to teach students the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching. They are also taught how to handle students coming from different backgrounds. These can include cultural differences, linguistic differences and also includes handling students with learning disabilities. It is really important for B.Ed students to understand that each student has different abilities when it comes to learning and create a safe learning environment for each student to learn, think and reason while teaching them.

Career prospects

Students holding a B.Ed degree become applicable to teach in any private or public school. They can further their education as well by getting a masters.
They can also become assistant teachers in universities after clearing certain examinations like CTET, APTET, TSTET or UGC NET.

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