What Is The Importance of Commerce Education?

What Is The Importance Of Commerce Education And Why Is It Trending?

These days, every business and industry is in need of people who have good business and selling skills, a practice that is specifically taught in commerce courses. CVRU Bilaspur recognizes the importance of commerce in today’s world and is focused on bringing that into their course modules.

The department of commerce at CVRU Bilaspur is focused on building the right skills and attitudes required for selling anything in today’s world. These are essential skills that any industry benefits from. This makes CVRU Bilaspur comparable to the best Bcom colleges in Raipur.

CVRU Bilaspur established its commerce department to meet the growing demand for commerce graduates. Earlier, the stream used to allow for very limited job opportunities like accounting, but with the changing work environment, commerce graduates are needed more than ever. Once finished with the course, these students get ready for a flourishing career in the fields of the trade or business sector.


The faculty of commerce places a very strong emphasis on providing the students with an in-depth understanding of concepts, both theoretical and practical. Practical sessions help keep the students engaged and focused. The faculty is committed to creating the best professionals, managers and leaders in the commerce field. This helps in placing CVRU Bilaspur with the top BBA colleges in Raipur.

Regular guest lectures are also an important part of the curriculum. CVRU Bilaspur has strong industry ties that help with this aspect. The guest lectures give the students a chance to understand what real life problems and issues are in the industry. Students also get a chance to interact with the guest lecturers and address their own individual problems. This also helps them make connections in their field of interest.

Some other skills like interpersonal communication and intrapersonal skills are taught as well, along with basic computer skills so that nothing stops them from being successful in their fields.

CVRU Bilaspur wants each and every student to get an equal opportunity to learn, and understands that not every student has the same speed and capability when it comes to understanding concepts. Remedial classes are held after regular classes to clear individual doubts of these students. Everyone is free to attend these extra classes.

Along with the course material, the university holds activities and sessions like discussions which make the students aware of all the happenings in the business world, like GST and demonetization. These activities add value to the education system.

Future Prospects

After doing commerce courses, job opportunities like financial analyst, accountants, business consultants, tax consultant opens up for the students.

Students who have done a bachelors course can also opt for further studies by going for masters.

Undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in the field of commerce are offered at CVRU Bilaspur.

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