What makes an MBA so popular

MBA is one of the most popular courses in the world. It is a full-time management program that opens up many career opportunities for any student pursuing the course. MBA provides students with opportunities to work in fields such as finance, marketing, human resources just to name a few.

CVRU Bilaspur offers an MBA course that provides the students with thorough knowledge of management theories and practices. This knowledge would help them in their future career endeavours. There is a strong focus on skills like communication, leadership and critical thinking. This ensures that the management department of CVRU Bilaspur stands alongside some of the top MBA colleges in Chhattisgarh. Apart from theoretical knowledge and professional skill sets, the faculty also focuses on instilling business ethics, human values, and morals that are necessary to become a good manager

MBA provides students with a lot of benefits

1. Financial Stability: Management graduates are always in demand and therefore students always get good job opportunities and salary packages
2.Flexibility: Having an MBA degree provides you with a lot of options when it comes to career choices


The infrastructure at CVRU Bilaspur is professionally designed with the world class facilities. The university also has laboratories with new age equipment and technology. CVRU also has hostels, cafeteria and sports facilities. The huge library within the campus has over ten thousand books on a wide range of topics so that students can read up on any topic they would like to. Here is some information about the course provided at CVRU Bilaspur
Course duration: MBA is a two-year professional degree course
Eligibility: Graduation
The course is designed to develop business acumen, leadership qualities, problem-solving abilities, management skills, critical thinking, business communication skills, and the ability to tackle work pressures. In the span of two years, the students who have enrolled for an MBA get to study a wide range of subjects. The students get to learn Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Principles of Management just to name a few. In the later semesters, they get to learn about Entrepreneurship and Business Law, Strategic Management, Project Management, and others. At the start of the second year, students get to choose their area of specialization and gain in-depth knowledge in that field. They are also exposed to on the job training experiences with field projects and internship programs. This helps them learn to face real challenges and tackle problems with managerial solutions. Some of the main subjects of MBA are as follows:

 Information Technology Management
 Business Law
 Managerial Economics
 Financial Management
 Business Communication
 Marketing Management

Career Opportunities

There is no end to the kind of opportunities that await you once you complete your MBA degree. You must have noticed a lot of job listings putting down an MBA as a prerequisite for the job. Having this degree opens up rewarding opportunities in fields like finance, human resources, marketing, international business and many more. Here are some of the positions you can work in.

 Account Manager
 Brand Manager
 Human Resources Manager
 Project Manager
 Management Consultant

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