What You Need To Know About B.Com

What You Need To Know About B.Com

Good business skills are a must in today’s work environment. The department of commerce was established at CVRU Bilaspur to serve this very purpose. In order to stand alongside some of the best B.Com colleges in Raipur, the course curriculum is constantly evolving to keep up with all of the changes taking place in the world.

CVRU Bilaspur imparts the right kind of knowledge and attitude towards commerce upon all their students so that they can go ahead and contribute to the financial success of the country.

Commerce courses open up a wide range of opportunities for any student, especially if they study in a reputed university like CVRU Bilaspur.

Leading experts in the field of commerce make up the faculty at CVRU Bilaspur. These professors work extremely hard to make sure that they pass on all of their knowledge to the students. Their aim is to make sure that every student learns to the best of their abilities and goes on to have a bright future.

The teaching methods used are very versatile so that the learning abilities of all students are incorporated into the schedule. A combination of traditional lectures and e-learning methods are used so that every student can keep up with the course. Along with this, regular workshops and group discussions are held to make sure that the course never gets monotonous.

Guest lecturers visit the campus often, and these conferences give the students a chance to interact with experienced individuals who have been in the industry for a long time.
The students are also made aware of the current affairs in the field like GST and demonetization and the impact of these.
The commerce department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, namely B.Com and M.Com. These courses can be done in distance learning and regular learning modes.

A combination of commerce and business studies makes up B.Com. Building business acumen, financial skills, accounting and managerial skills are the focus of this course. Some of the main subjects taught in the course include finance, statistics, economics and cost accounting. Project work is a huge part of the curriculum as the students need to be prepared for all the issues they would face once they enter the professional world.

Career Opportunities

There are several career opportunities for someone who finishes their B.Com graduation. Unlike many other undergraduate courses, B.Com enables students to apply for a job right after graduation. One can apply for the post of accountant in any organization as a first job. This is a very good career opportunity as all companies need someone who keeps track of the profit and loss in the company, which is essentially the job description of an accountant. Students can also opt to work as a consultant or apply to work in the field of banking. There are also several options available for students in both public and private sectors.
If a student wishes to pursue higher education, they can choose to do M.Com or MBA, both really good options.

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