What You Should Know About Studying In A Law College In Bilaspur

Law is a very popular course for many reasons. Firstly Society needs good lawyers to be able to function properly as the law protects and uphold human rights. Secondly, It is one of the oldest academic disciplines in the world and is still a very prestigious subject to study as it promises the student a lot of career opportunities. The job role is dependent on the student’s interest and can range from judges, advocates to criminal lawyers and many more.

What are the different law courses that a student can do?

If one is planning to take admission in law college in bilaspur, then here is the choice of courses as described below

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB)

This is an undergraduate course that takes a total of 5 years. It is an integrated course that consists of two degrees and widens the career scope of the individual to a great extent. Students can opt for this course right after their 12th standard examinations if they are interested in law. It integrates subjects from arts like economics, history, sociology, political science with law subjects. The course combines theoretical and practical training in the form of practical parts of the course including moot courts, MUN, internship programs, and client counselling. This academic program covers more law subjects in five years as compared to basic LLB that’s why it has an edge over LLB courses. The admission to this course is based on merit.

Bachelor of Legislative Law

While LLB is thought of as an undergraduate course, it is not so, as one can only pursue this course after completing graduation in any other stream. The course curriculum makes sure the student has good legal skills with the help of moot courts, internship programs, MUN and client counselling along with thorough training on legal subjects using traditional teaching practices. The students learn fundamental concepts of law and get a good exposure of court proceedings and legal practices. Some of the most important subjects of the LLB degree course are contracts, legal procedures, code of civil procedures, political science, litigation advocacy, jurisprudence, etc. Admissions are based on merit.

Which is the best law college in Chhattisgarh?

If a student is looking to join a law course in Chhattisgarh, CVRU Bilaspur is an excellent choice, as the faculty members are all experts in the field of law. They are dedicated to imparting all their knowledge and wisdom to all the students. Their main aim is to pass on the passion they have for the field to their students. There is a lot of individual attention given to the students to make sure that all of them understand the concepts, which is one of the reasons why CVRU Bilaspur is better than most private

law colleges in Bilaspur.

What are the career opportunities after completion of law courses?

It deals with important applications of electronics like electromagnetism. After doing this course, engineers know how to and are part of designing electrical circuits Completing a law education gives you some of the most interesting career opportunities. Here are some of the options.

  1. 1. Government lawyer
  2. 2. Criminal Lawyer
  3. 3. Legal Journalist
  4. 4. Judge
  5. 5. Legal Advisor
  6. 6. Civil Litigation Lawyer

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