Why You Should Opt For Journalism

Journalism is a very popular course choice for students. It is more than just a course. People who take up journalism often show a deep level of commitment to society in general. Journalism opens up a wide range of career opportunities for students in the media industry, which is divided into print, broadcast, and multimedia. Students have the option to choose any of these, according to their interests and abilities.

Journalism and mass communication provides students with a platform to voice their opinions, a key factor in becoming a good and efficient journalist. Journalists have a responsibility towards society, which makes this course curriculum extremely important. A journalist has to raise awareness about important issues to the public through various mediums of communication like newspapers, television and the most widely used medium today, the internet. These days, with the rise of fake news, a good journalist is expected to research and verify every piece of information.

Which is one of the best journalism colleges in India?

If you are looking for a good journalism course, you can opt for one of the best journalism colleges in India, namely Dr C.V Raman University in Bilaspur. The journalism faculty has to be different from all other teaching faculty, as the industry calls for sessions that are more towards the interactive side of learning. There is of course some theoretical learning involved, although the approach taken for this is interactive as well. Most of the teaching is done through workshops and practical sessions. This gives the students a clearer idea of the concepts of journalism and their real-life usage.

Along with this, regular guest lectures and conferences are also held at the university. This gives the students a chance to hear the real-life experiences of people who have been in the industry for a long time.

A journalist needs to spread awareness into society on various issues and even talk about issues that many people would not be aware of. These are not just done on the basis of news, but also through documentaries. These documentaries can be about social issues, wildlife, or anything related to cultures, environmental issues. In fact, today, there is an even higher need for journalists to spread awareness in society to bring about the necessary changes.

What is the eligibility criteria for students to enroll into one of the top journalism colleges in India?

To enroll into a top journalism college in India, like CVRU Bilaspur, a student must score at least 50% aggregate in their higher secondary examinations in any stream.

What are some of the career opportunities that a student can look forward to after completing journalism?

There are so many options for students after graduation. A student can opt for several media houses working in print, broadcast or multimedia journalism. Students can also opt for fields such as digital marketing, content writing, public relations and many more.

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