Program Overview

A Bachelor in Business Administration is the gateway to numerous job opportunities in a multitude of sectors like Marketing, Human Resource, Finance and Sales. The BBA program offers education and training in management and leadership skills to prepare students for managerial roles and entrepreneurship. The demand for BBA courses is rising continuously among students as it provides them with a deep understanding of the management skills required to run a business or organisation successfully. It also helps one think more clearly about the different phases and business-running techniques.

  • 3 Years

    Duration of Program

  • UG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Industry-Academia interactions
Well Qualified & Highly Experienced Faculty Members
Placement & Advisory Services
Industrial Tour & On The Job Training
Communication Lab

How will you benefit

Helps to develop Self-confidence, Leadership Skills, Creativity.
Will learn how to do time Management.
Develop entrepreneurial skills
Learn problem solving skills

What will you study

The B.B.A program at Dr. C.V. Raman University aims to prepare our students from choosing various verticals of business & management. We provide strong foundation for students on core business & managerial areas.

Developing a functional as well as holistic view of management practices among students.

This enables students to become job ready professionals and helps them to take up managerial & entrepreneurial roles in future.

Developing strong soft-skills among student, when they complete BBA course.

PO1 : This program focuses to create entrepreneurs capable of handling family business or can start their own business.

PO2 : Developing a functional as well as holistic view of management practices among students.

PO3 : Developing analytical and original thinking abilities among students in understanding business contexts.

PO4 : Developing strong soft-skills among students, so that they become industry- ready, when they complete BBA Programme.

PSO1 : For a management graduates, opportunities are not only limited to managerial jobs in public & private companies; students are groomed to become entrepreneurs.

PSO2 : There are always various managerial, executive & non-executive positions are open in private as well as public companies. Companies like Deloitte, L & T Finance, Vedanta, ICICI Prudential Ltd. are major recruiters in line.

PSO3 : Identify business opportunities, design and implement innovations in work space. Understand the dynamic and complex working environment of Business.

PSO4 : Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

PSO5 : Develop fundamental in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles, concepts, values, substantive rules and development of the core areas of business such as finance, accounting, marketing, HR, operations.

PSO6 : Engage in independent and life-long learning process.

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Curriculum Courses

  • Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Math
  • Business Environment
  • Managerial Economics

Careers And Employbility

Marketing Coordinator
Sales Executive
Financial Analyst
Operations/HR Manager



GEN.-45% ST,SC,OBC-40%

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