Program Overview

M.Sc. (CS) programme is an UGC approved 2 years full time Postgraduate degree programme of 80 credits divided in 4 semesters. The M.Sc. (CS) program at Dr. C. V. Raman University aims to prepare students for choosing various verticals of computer science and information technology. It provides various platforms in the field of software industries, web industries and also in the academic areas.

  • 2 Years

    Duration of Program

  • PG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Highly qualified and research-focused faculty
Industry-focused education using ICT tools
Excellent facilities for infrastructure and computing
Process of well-defined student mentorship
Outstanding academic performance

How will you benefit

Eligible for teaching positions in colleges and institutions providing higher education
This degree assures you a stable job opportunity in the field of computer software.
Campus Placement is another good gateway for them to land in a good position with an industry giant
Computer engineers are in demand these days with the evolution of data science, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

What will you study

By taking part in this programme, students will be able to advance their existing computer skills.

The opportunity to learn about all aspects of computers, from software to hardware, is provided by this course.

Aside from teaching students how to code, the course also helps them become proficient in areas like networking, data mining, and soft computing.

The students have a firm grasp of both the theoretical and practical sides of computing.

PO1 : This program opens the opportunity for learners that come from Information Technology and Computer Science stream to learn advanced skill-based subjects.

PO2 : Learners can go for their postgraduate doctorate studies in Information Technology or Computer Science.

PO3 : They can also work as computer experts or program developers in government or private sectors.

PO4 : This programme provides a competitive environment for the learners which enables them to stand and complete themselves.

PSO1 : The specific goal of the programme is to educate and computer-literate learners who will be able to participate in the expansion of the IT industry. The MSc (CS) program's overarching objective is to produce the next generation of individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain prestigious jobs in the fields of information technology and computer science.

PEO1 : Students who enroll in the MSc (CS) Programme will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend, evaluate, and create computer programmes in the domains of algorithm, web design, and networking in order to design an effective computer-based system. They will be able to use a variety of programming environments, apply standard software engineering practises and strategies in the development of software projects, and deliver a quality product that will contribute to the success of the business.


Curriculum Courses


Careers And Employbility

Research/Data Scientist
Software Architect
Software Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer


Graduation in Relevant Discipline

GEN.-45% ST,SC,OBC-40%

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