Program Overview

MA Education is a two-year postgraduate degree programme that focuses on Art and Humanities studies. MA in Education prepares candidates for careers in various of teaching and training settings. After successfully completing the course, there are countless job opportunities available. The MA Education course programme was created to meet the growing demand for professionals with knowledge of Teaching, Training, Administration, and Management of Education at all educational levels. Education Consultancies, Education Departments, Publishing Houses, Research and Development Agencies, Schools, etc. are some of the most opted employment areas for these professionals to work.

  • 2 Years

    Duration of Program

  • PG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

ICT Based Educational Techniques.
New Trends and Innovation in Education.
Comparative Study Techniques.
Job Oriented Degree
Experiential Teaching Learning Process.

How will you benefit

More Classroom and Hands on Experience.
Improved Teaching Skills.
Greater Job Opportunities.
Develop Grounds for Innovation in Teaching Methodology.

What will you study

Advanced knowledge of pedagogy

Curriculum Development

Psychological & Philosophical Study.

Classroom Management.

PO1 : Understand and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual social, emotional and physical development of the learners.

PO2 : Recognize self-identity as a ‘teacher’ through school-based learning experiences and reflective practices that continually evaluate the effects of their choices and actions.

PO3 : To change the behaviour, attitude and values of teachers so that they shape into responsible and accountable agents of change in the society, in the perspective of local, national and global concerns and issues vital for human survival, progress and development.

PSO1 : To enable students to understand the central concepts, tools of inquiry and structures of the disciplines of Education in general and teacher education in particular.

PSO2 : To provide opportunities to teacher trainees that enable learning experiences to make meaningful.

PSO3 : To make the student teachers understand how children learn and develop how they differ in their approaches to learning and create learning opportunities.

PSO4 : To develop the skills of students to plan learning experiences in and outside the classroom that are based on learners’ existing proficiency, interests, experiences and knowledge, and enable them to understand how students come to view, develop, learn and make sense of subject matter contained in the curriculum.

PSO5 : To develop the capacity among students to use knowledge of effective verbal, non-verbal and media communication techniques to foster active enquiry, collaboration and supportive interaction in the classroom.

PEO1 : This programme prepares prospective teachers to understand the psychological and sociological aspects of the child’s development and also understand his behaviour under different conditions. 

PEO2 : This combined with rigorous practice of teaching prepares teacher trainees to master the art of teaching and the ability to deal with students based on their individual differences in various classroom situations.


Curriculum Courses

  • Philosophical Foundation of Education
  • Sociological Foundation of Education
  • Advanced Educational Psychology
  • History of Indian Education
  • Value Education

Careers And Employbility

Curriculum Specialist


Graduation in any Discipline

GEN.-50% ST,SC,OBC-45%

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