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About The Course: On Design and Development Areas

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion

Learners Support System (Pedagogic Areas)

A.Interaction Through Counselling

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1. Did you attend the counseling session at your study center/IODE CVRU headquarters?
What are your views regarding the counseling sessions ?
2. Was number of counseling sessions for your progromme sufficient ?
3. Did you prepare for counseling sessions?
4. Were your doubts clarified by your counsellor?
5. Were you satisfied with the way sessions were organized ?
6. What are your suggestions to improve the counseling sessions?

B.Interaction Through Assignments

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion
1. Do you think the assignments for various courses of your programme were?

Learner Support Services (Administrative Area)

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion

Open Ended

Q.No. Questions Your Opinion